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Transforms messy information into data to manage

Transform your company’s data into the answers you need.


Bintelligenz is a no-code BI solution, simple and fast to implement with:

Dynamic and easy-to-use dashboards in MS Power BI.

Integrated data model that gives you a 360-degree view of your organization.

S ecure, robust and scalable corporate DW on MS Azure.

End-to-end automated processes.

Just make your data available and bintelligenz will do the rest, so you can focus on what matters, your business.

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    Why bintelligenz?

    Simple and fast implementation. Results in 1 month.

    No need for advanced technical skills in your organization. No-Code Solution.

    Flexible pricing, both in terms of data volume and number of users.

    Best-in-class visualization tool (PowerBI).

    End-to-end automated process. Just make your data available and bintelligenz will do the rest.

    Robust and scalable solution on MS Azure with security and data governance.

    Adopt a data culture: discover trends, share them with your team.

    We help you adopt a data-driven business culture to replace intuitive decision making.

    What is bintelligenz?

    Data Strategy

    Our solution incorporates a roadmap and methodology to make integrating all your data possible.

    Master Data Integration

    We unify the different languages of your systems into a common language that the entire organization can use, so that you can perform inter-area analysis.

    Corporate DataWarehouse

    Meet your analytical needs from an Enterprise-grade DW eliminating information silos and avoiding overloading your transactional systems.

    End to end solution

    The only solution on the market that integrates all BI processes. Just make your data available and bintelligenz will do the rest.

    Security and Data Governance

    We include policies and frameworks to manage, monitor and protect your data with the highest security standards.

    Data Architecture

    Our data model performs the integration of all your company’s processes, allowing you to have a 360-degree view of your business.

    Data Quality

    Validation processes that ensure the integrity and quality of your data, so your team can rely on it for planning and decision making.

    Out of the box business boards

    We include a suite of pre-assembled dashboards with business metrics that the entire organization can rely on.

    Unlimited scalability

    Cloud solution (in MS Azure) that accompanies the growth of your business.

    Integration of all your systems

    We integrate data from the different processes of your business to answer complex questions.

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