Integrated data model with 360° view of your business

Data strategy: flexible data model that adapts to your business processes.

Integration of data from different sources into a single data architecture eliminating information silos.

Master data integration: ensures that your data is consistent in structure and content.

Automated end-to-end solution

Business Intelligence Software as a Service solution that integrates your organization’s data into a corporate DataWarehouse, through an end-to-end automated process.

Bintelligenz connects all your management data, integrates and validates its quality and generates reports to share with your entire organization.

Dynamic and user-friendly dashboards

Access to dashboards and reports to measure and monitor KPIs for each process of your business.

Alerts on your different KPIs to identify deviations in real time.

MS Power BI © visualization tool, ranked as a leader in Gartner’s “magic quadrant”.

Custom dashboard design to highlight the indicators you want to monitor.

Data Quality and Data Governance

Process-assured data quality.

We unify your data, making it available for any need, thus avoiding the creation of duplicate data sets.

Knowledge of the “lineage” of each data used in the analysis of the information.

Monitoring and alerts on data quality problems.

Enterprise-grade corporate DW, secure, robust and scalable

Data Warehouse SaaS cloud solution, traditionally reserved for large corporations, developed on MS Azure ©.

The security of your data is guaranteed by the architecture of the solution. Your data is processed automatically with MS Azure’s integrated controls and services, without human intervention.

Analytical processing of large volumes of data on a periodic, recurring and automatic basis. Remote access with 24×7 support.

Easy-to-use solution

Easy to use with no need to know applications or languages outside of your current transactional systems.

Easy managementof user credentials, using your existing MS Active Directory logins.

We do not replace your current IT systems, we integrate them.

bintelligenz offers you additional services of:

Consulting for advice, development and/or automation of interfaces.

Development of customized interfaces.

Creation of special custom reports / visualizations.

Training service (on the exploitation tool, and other ad hoc).

Integration of third party data sources (by industry and subject matter).

Profiling, data cleansing / data clearing and data quality assessment.

Data Science / Data Mining consulting services.

Forensic audit of processes through data analysis (validity and compliance with business rules).