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Referral Program

Do you work with companies that are looking for a data solution and need to improve their management reporting? We offer you to be part of our Referral Program! Introduce them to bintelligenz and for each customer who signs up, we will pay you a commission of $1,000 per referred customer.

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How does the Referral Program work?

If you have customers in need of a business intelligence solution, simply register on our site and refer potentially interested customers to us.

bintelligenz will contact the people you have referred. For each customer who subscribes we will pay you US$ 1,000. This is a one-time payment, to be made within 7 days of the signing of the subscription contract by your referred customer.

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What is bintelligenz?

bintelligenz is a SaaS business intelligence platform that allows companies to automatically integrate all their information sources and obtain automated reports with a 360-degree view of their different business processes:

Visualize sales by channel, local, segmented by gross margin of your different products or categories, or other attributes of the sale.

Monitor turnover against sales targets or budgets to anticipate deviations and take corrective action.

To discover your customers’ buying patterns in order to carry out segmented communication actions, and thus increase sales…

Identify overstock of your products and minimize your working capital. Receive under-stock alerts to avoid stock-outs and maximize your sales.

And much more…



bintelligenz can help your customers transform their data into actionable insights that enable them to improve their profitability and differentiate themselves from their competition. Quick and easy to implement with results in one month, bintelligenz will enable your customers to maximize the value of their data and grow their organization.

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