Our modules

bintelligenz has a modular pricing structure, where you pay for the different business processes integrated in the solution (no matter how many systems you use to manage each activity).

This business area offers over 180 interactive visualizations to analyze:

  • Sales: Explore sales performance, including monetary value, product quantities, and transaction volumes, for both physical and online channels.
  • Products: Gain insights into your product mix, including categories, segments, product families, and perform ABC analysis to identify top-performing products.
  • Customers: Understand customer purchasing behavior, segment your customer base, including an RFM analysis to identify high-value customers.
  • Point of Sales: Evaluate data on sales by locations, branches, channels, and analyze geographic sales distribution.
  • Sales Team: Assess the performance of your sales teams, track goal attainment, and monitor sales targets.
  • Budgets and Objectives: Evaluate performance against sales objectives.
  • Promotions and Discounts: Analyze the impact of promotional activities.
  • Cost of Goods Sold and Gross Margin: track profitability.
  • Collections: Monitor customer payments, outstanding debts, and payment delinquencies.
  • Marketing: Gain insights into advertising campaigns, costs, revenue generation, return on investment, and measure campaign effectiveness against predefined goals. Also track customer loyalty programs.

The Purchasing & Inventory Module offers over 50 interactive visualizations to provide detailed insights into:

  • Inventory levels, categorized by warehouse and logistics channel.
  • Inventory segmentation by product, categories, suppliers, or brands.
  • ABC analysis of your inventory.
  • Inventory analysis in terms of units and days of stock. Inventory-to-sales ratios.
  • Valuation of inventory.
  • Stockouts and shortages.
  • Inventory management, including alerts for overstock and understock situations.
  • Purchases, including monetary value, quantity of products, and number of transactions.
  • Suppliers, including segmentation and categorization of suppliers. ABC analysis.
  • Delivery performance, including on-time and delayed deliveries.
  • Supplier payments, outstanding debt, and payment delinquencies.

The Accounting and Finance module offer over 25 interactive visualizations to analyze information related to:

  • Operating Expenses Analysis: Gain a comprehensive understanding of your operational expenses and identify areas for optimization.
  • Detailed Expense Breakdown: Get a granular view of your
  • Cost Center Breakdown: Allocate costs effectively and make informed budgetary decisions.
  • Income Statement Insights: Access granular information of your income statement to assess your revenue, expenses, and overall profitability.
  • Balance Sheet Analysis: Evaluate your assets, liabilities, and equity
  • Cash Flow Statement Examination: Understand the flow of cash in and out of your business, helping you monitor liquidity and make sound financial decisions.
  • Financial Statements Evaluation: Gain a holistic view of your financial health.
  • Economic, Financial, and Capital Ratios Assessment: Evaluate key ratios that provide insights into your business’s financial performance, efficiency, and stability.
  • General Budget Overview: Review your overall budget, comparing actual performance against planned targets.

Out Subscriptions Module includes over 25 interactive visualizations to give you a better understanding of and gain insights on:

  • analysis of your Subscriptions.
  • analysis of products or services related to Subscriptions.
  • subscribers or customers, including customer segments and categories.
  • analysis of Subscriptions according to their start and end dates.
  • analysis of Subscriptions according to their periods of duration.
  • analysis of prices, discounts and/or taxes applied to Subscriptions.
  • statuses, registration of statuses, reasons and reasons for termination of Subscriptions.
  • promotions and discounts related to Subscriptions.
  • analysis regarding the use of the different services and/or benefits related to the Subscriptions.

Our Dashboards

Each module features Specific Dashboards that provide in-depth analysis of the different business processes within your company. The subscription also includes General Dashboards that facilitate data governance and BI solutions.

Specific Boards

Commercial Module

Sales Analysis



Customer Analytics

Category Management



Sales Teams

Inventory Module

Inventory Analysis

Purchasing Analysis







Accounting Module

Operating Expense

Income Statement


Cash Flow

Cost Centers

Overall budget



Subscriptions Module

Subscriptions / Users

Use of subscriptions / Access

Recurring revenue / MRR

Retention & Churn




General Boards

Data Dictionary

Visualizations Dictionary

Usage Analysis

Data Quality

Data Loading Process Control