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Improve your inventory management

Thanks to bintelligenz’s integrated ABC Analysis, I can identify on a daily basis the top 20% of my products that generate 80% of my sales. Moreover, by using the stock measured in days of sales analysis, I can effectively prevent stockouts of my core products, ensuring uninterrupted availability.

Eduardo Teisaire | General Manager of PЇBA

Learn everything you can do with the Purchasing & Inventory Module.

Understand your customers' buying behavior

Find out what you can do with the Commercial Module.

"Thanks to bintelligenz RFM Analytics, we were able to segment our customer base according to buying behavior and thus perform targeted marketing actions for each group, with higher-than-historical success rates. At Legion, we don't make any business decisions without bintelligenz's help."

Sarita Estrada: Co-Founder of Legión Extranjera

Integrate information from all your systems

Find out all you can do by integrating your Commercial and Inventory information.

"With bintelligenz, we were able to integrate information from our billing system (ERP) and our two inventory management systems (WMS) into a single data repository. We were thus able to perform analysis of our inventory in relation to sales, and thus project future demand and match inventory to it."

German Garganta | La Bienvenida General Manager

All-in-one and automated BI solution

Find out what you can do with the different bintelligenz modules.

"With bintelligenz, we were able to get the BI solution we needed. It solved all the necessary steps for us, from data extraction to presentation in pre-assembled dashboards, so we didn't need to spend on additional licenses or consulting. In just one month we went from manual reports in Excel to having all our information unified in visual dashboards."

Gerardo Amancio , Commercial Manager of Full Trace.

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