Use cases

Harness the power of your data to make better business decisions that drive your growth.

Unlock the power of your data and revolutionize your business

Discover how bintelligenz can help you harness the data generated by your business to enhance decision-making and increase your profitability.


Boost your sales and improve the profitability of your business with a detailed analysis of your turnover and the performance of your products and stores.

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Marketing and promotions

Analyze the impact and profitability of your marketing campaigns. Identify the use of different payment methods, coupons, discounts, and loyalty programs. Compare the results of a promotion against your target and identify higher impact promotions.

Sales team (HR)

Track the performance of your sales team and assess its effectiveness. Compare actual sales to individual targets per salesperson, gaining valuable insights to optimize their performance.

Customer Analytics

Get to know your customers! bintelligenz enables you to understand who is behind each purchase, so that you can tailor your marketing actions to each customer’s needs. Increase your sales, enhance customer retention, average ticket size, and loyalty.

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Inventory management

Optimize your inventory management to ensure that you consistently maintain the appropriate stock levels fof your top-selling products. Minimize capital tied up in inventory and maximize operational efficiency.

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Purchasing and Supplier Management

Optimize your purchasing management processes. Gain valuable insights into your suppliers based on their invoicing level, geographical location, and the products they supply.

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Category Management

Understand in detail the mix of your product offering and its evolution. Identify your best and worst selling products, their margins, price ranges and and track their performance over time.

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Customer Collections

Assess your customers’ payment behavior and your effectiveness in managing collections. Gain visibility into outstanding payments and arrears. Optimize your collections management for enhanced efficiency.

Payments to Suppliers

Optimize your supplier payment management. Gain visibility into payments made, analyze outstanding payments due and overdue, and monitor your delinquency level. Streamline your supplier payment processes for improved efficiency and financial control.


Analyze in detail the subscriptions you offer, according to their duration periods, products or services contracted or any other attribute. Easily view the status of your customers’ subscriptions, or their reasons for termination, upgrade or downgrade.


Analyze your income statement, balance sheet and cash flow. Evaluate your economic, financial and capital ratios. Compare your accounting information against your other business metrics.

Learn more about the KPIs you can monitor and the questions you can answer.

Get accurate and up-to-date information to improve the decision making process.

Manage up-to-date and reliable information about your business.

Make proactive decisions based on integrated information about your business.

Adopt a data strategy with a flexible model for any type of business and industry and improve the management of the different areas and activities of your business.

Integrate data sets scattered across different silos of your business to reveal new insights that enable you to solve specific problems.

Set up alerts on your KPIs to receive notifications and address deviations from targets.

Adopt a data-driven business culture

✔ Visualize the KPIs and main objectives of each area of your business.

✔ Share up-to-date information with your work teams.

Uncover hidden patterns in your data.

Improve the decision-making process with actionable, automatically updated insights..

Increase collaboration and embrace a data-driven culture.

Operate with a reliable and unified data source, reducing disagreements within the organization.