Use Cases: Customer Analytics

Get to know your customers! bintelligenz allows you to understand who is behind each purchase, so you can tailor your marketing efforts to meet the needs of each customer and increase your sales.


“The RFM analysis provided by bintelligenz has been instrumental in identifying the most valuable customers for our business. By understanding their behaviors and preferences, we are able to tailor our communication strategies effectively.“

Sarita Estrada, Co-Founder of Legión Extranjera.

Analyze your customer base according to their different characteristics, such as age, gender, geography, or any other attribute.

Track the growth of your customer base and monitor changes in its composition by segment, type, category, or other any other attribute of your customers.

Identify purchasing patterns through bintelligenz’s automatic segmentation of your customers based on their behavior (RFM analysis, purchase behavior analysis).

Generate specific marketing actions for each Customer group.

Understand the gross margin of your business, detailed for each customer, customer group, or any other customer attribute.


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