Use cases : Inventory

Optimize your inventory management to ensure you maintain the right amount of stock of your top-selling products. Minimize the amount of capital tied up in inventory, increasing your operational efficiency and profitability.



“The ability to have inventory, purchasing, and sales data in a single dashboard allowed us to manage our inventory much more efficiently. This enabled us to reduce tied-up capital and ensure that we always have our bestselling products in stock.“

Martin Orti, General Manager of Emoty

Access up-to-date information on your inventory levels by product, family or product category.

Identify overstock, understock, and inventory shortages with our Inventory Management Matrix

Identify the 20% of products that generate 80% of your sales with our “ABC Analysis”.

Set alerts based on maximum and minimum inventory levels per product. 

Visualize working capital tied up in inventory measured in days of sales by product, category, store, or channel.

Identify products with stock but no sales to improve your daily inventory management.

Automate your purchasing needs based on your sales and current promotions.

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