Use Cases : Purchasing and Suppliers

Make your purchasing management more efficient. Get to know your suppliers in greater detail, according to their level of turnover, geography, and the products they supply.

“With the help of bintelligenz, we gained valuable insights into our procurement management. We were able to identify and prioritize our core suppliers. The analysis of price trends and fluctuations enabled us to take quick actions in response to price changes, optimizing our purchasing decisions.“

Roberto Massera, General Manager of El Carmen Agro.

Get up-to-date information on your purchases, detailed by supplier, brand, origin, product family and/or category, geography, and any other attributes of your suppliers or products.

Analyze your purchases over time and compare them against to historical periods.

Monitor price variations of your purchases, segmented by supplier, product, country of origin, or other attributes.

Identify your key suppliers through our “ABC Analysis.”

Understand in detail the discounts granted by your different suppliers.

Visualize your purchases in currency, units, number of tickets, and monitor the average ticket value.

And much more.

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