Why bintelligenz

bintelligenz is the most comprehensive, fastest-to-deploy and cost-effective, business intelligence solution on the market.



Bintelligenz is easy to use, and requires no knowledge of applications or languages outside of your current transactional systems. Our on-boarding methodology guarantees a successful implementation in less than a month and at the lowest cost in the market.

bintelligenz is the only All-In-One BI solution that solves all the processes of a comprehensive data intelligence solution versus other solutions that only cover some processes.


DataWarehouse (single data repository) that integrates all business data.

Data export process from any system without the need for APIs or code development.

Control of data imported into bintelligenz through integrity and data quality processes

Assured final product. Successful implementation in a timely manner. 1 month guided onboarding with weekly meetings.

Data governance embedded at every step, including data dictionary, data lineage, data integration, and data quality.

Other data solutions

Datamarts and/or Datalakes that offer a partial and biased view of the business.

Data export process through APIs and/or code development depending on the system.

No validation of imported data.

Uncertain end product, no follow-up and no project completion time

Not included. Additional tools or in-house developments are required to implement data governance processes.

Bintelligenz solves all the data problems your organization faces on a daily basis in an automated way:


Inaccessible data trapped in silos, applications and fragmented platforms.


bintelligenz integrates scattered datasets from different systems within your business into a unique data repository.


Inconsistent, incomplete, unintegrated and unreliable data.


bintelligenz automatically validates and corrects data integrity and quality issues.


Manual and repetitive processes in the generation of reports; delays and possibility of human error and work overload.


bintelligenz automates all processes of a data intelligence solution from start to finish, ensuring efficiency and accuracy.


Presentation of information in Excel or visualizations that lack clarity and make it difficult to interpret and identify trends and deviations.


bintelligenz includes a comprehensive suite of more than 150 dynamic dashboards with KPIs specific to your business, making it easier to detect patterns and deviations.


Lack of an updated 360-degree view of the business.


Flexible data model that adapts to your business processes, allowing integration of data from all your sources, giving you a unified 360 view of your organization.


Multiple versions of the same KPI across different business areas, creating inconsistencies and confusion.


With consistent metrics and a unified language, bintelligenz enhances collaboration among different areas within your company.

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